Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Conquer: 200 Epic Dodgeball Team Names

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Conquer: 200 Epic Dodgeball Team Names

Listen up, dodgeball enthusiasts! Are you ready to take your team to the next level and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Before you can dominate the dodgeball court, you need a team name that packs a punch and reflects your squad’s unbeatable spirit.

A killer dodgeball team name is like a secret weapon – it unites your players, intimidates your rivals, and sets the tone for your epic dodgeball journey. Whether you’re a group of friends looking to crush the competition at your local gym or a serious team aiming for dodgeball glory, having the perfect name is essential.

But with so many balls in play, how do you choose a name that’s a guaranteed slam-dodge? Fear not, brave dodgeballers – we’ve scoured the dodgeball universe to bring you over 200 of the most creative, hilarious, and unforgettable team names out there.

From pun-tastic wordplay to pop culture references that’ll make you chuckle, we’ve left no dodgeball unturned in our quest for the ultimate list of names. We’ve even thrown in some tips and tricks for brainstorming and selecting the perfect fit for your team.

So grab your dodgeballs, stretch those throwing arms, and get ready to unleash your inner dodgeball warrior. Let’s dodge, duck, dip, dive, and name our way to victory!

1. Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge – Names Inspired by Dodgeball Lingo

Best dodgeball names

First up, let’s take a look at some names that incorporate classic dodgeball terms and phrases. These names show that you know your stuff about the five D’s of dodgeball and you’re ready to school your opponents on the court.

1. Aim & Shame

2. Ball Busters

3. Ball Hogs

4. Ball Breakers

5. Ballistic Missiles

6. Balls of Fury

7. Balls to the Wall

8. Balls Mahoney

9. Baller Blockers

10. Ballers on a Budget

11. Ballsy Moves

12. Burning Rubber

13. Can’t Dodge This

14. Catch Me If You Can

15. Catchin’ Fire

16. Cutting Crossfire

17. Dodge & Burn

18. Dodge Fathers

19. Dodge of the Brave

20. Dodge This!

21. Dodgeball Divas

22. Dodgeballers of Tomorrow

23. Dodgeball Heroes

24. Dodging Trouble

25. Dodgy Business

26. Duck & Cover

27. Epic Throws

28. First Blood

29. Full Metal Jacket

30. Harder, Better, Faster, Dodger.

31. Hit List

32. If You Can Dodge a Wrench…

33. Last Team Standing

34. Leave No One Standing

35. Neo-dodge-ism

36. No Balls Barred

37. Not in the Face

38. One Ball to Rule Them All

39. Rocket Arm Squad

40. Saved by the Ball

2. Dodge, Duck, Dominate – Names That Mean Business

When your team is about crushing the competition and taking no prisoners, you need a name reflecting your fierce attitude and unwavering determination. These powerful names will let everyone know that your squad means business on the court.

Dodgeball Names That Mean Business

41. Annihilators

42. Apocalypse Squad

43. Armed & Dangerous

44. Ball Busters

45. Ball Slayers

46. Balls of Steel

47. Balls Out

48. Beast Mode

49. Blacklist

50. Blood Bath & Beyond

51. Bruise Cruise

52. Bruise Brothers

53. Cannonballers

54. Cobra Kai (a similar one can be found on our list of softball team names)

55. Code Red

56. Danger Zone

57. Deadly Dodgers

58. Destruction Zone

59. Dominators

60. Eye of the Tiger

61. Flawless Victory

62. Hell’s Dodgers

63. Hitlist

64. Hurt Locker

65. Killer Instinct

66. Master Blasters

67. Mean Machine

68. Merciless Mayhem

69. No Mercy

70. Painball Express

71. Red Menace

72. Regeneration X

73. Renegades

74. Rogue Squadron

75. Shock Wave

76. Smack Attack

77. Snipers

78. Sudden Death

79. Terminal Velocity

80. The A-Team

3. Let the Good Times Dodge – Funny & Clever Names

Funny dodgeball team names

Dodgeball is supposed to be fun, right? So why not choose a team name that reflects your playful personality and keeps your fans and opponents laughing? Puns, pop culture references, and clever wordplay are all fair game here.

81. Asphalt Ninjas

82. Average Joes

83. Ball Babes

84. Ball Brawlers

85. Ball Mania

86. Ball’s Well That Ends Well

87. Ball of Duty

88. Baller Dodgers

89. Baller Dollars

90. Ballerina Squad

91. Bid Ball Theory

92. Bill Wennington’s Gym Class

93. Bloodbath & Beyond

94. Bouncy Balls

95. Captain Underpants & the Furious Five

96. Caught Red Balled

97. Chuck Nuris

98. Chuck Norris Ate My Balls

99. Chucking it Old School

100. Chuck You

101. Clerks & Ballers

102. Co-Ball Crusher

103. Cobras of the Universe

104. Creamed Corn Cobs

105. Deathstar Dodgers

106. Deathstars and Handgrenades

107. Dodge & Burn

108. Dodge’s Anatomy  

109. Dodgeball Detective

110. Dodgepocalypse Now

111. Dodging Bullets

112. Dodging Dirty Balls

113. Dodgy Ballers

114. Frodo Ballins

115. Game of Throws (a similar one can be found on our list of bocce ball team names)

116. Glorious Balls O’Fire

117. Go Balls Deep

118. Great Balls of Fire

119. Hardcore PVBall

120. How I Met Your Dodgeball

4. May the Dodge Be With You – Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Dodgeball Names Inspired by Pop Culture

Dodgeball and pop culture have always gone hand in hand. From classic movies like “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story” to iconic TV shows and video games, there’s no shortage of inspiration for a pop culture-infused team name that’ll make your squad stand out.

121. Band of Ballers

122. Balls of the Caribbean

123. Ballsassins Creed

124. Balltimore Ravens

125. Ballton Colts

126. Battlestar Ballastica

127. Better Call Ball

128. Bowling for Columbine

129. Breaking Balls

130. Chariots of Fire Dodgeball Squad

131. Clash of the Dodge-tans

132. Dancing with the Balls

133. DareDevils

134. Daredevil Dodgers

135. Darth Maul’s Dodgeball Demons

136. Dodgeball Detective Agency

137. Dodgeball me Maybe

138. Dodging Bad

139. Doctor Who-dge ball?

140. Duck Dodgers

141. Ducking Dynasty

142. Firin’ Rubber Squad

143. Game of Throwns

144. Green Ball-nets

145. House of Dodge

146. How to Train Your Dodgeball

147. Hunger Game of Throws

148. Indiana Joes and the Rubber Ball Crusade

149. Iron Balls

150. Jupiter Ascending Dodge-Ballers

151. Just Dodge It

152. Kamikaze Dodgeball Krew

153. Keep Calm & Dodge On

154. Keeping Up With the Cardiodgeians

155. Lord of the Red Balls

156. Mad Ballers: Fury Throw

157. Masters of the Dodgeiverse

158. Matrix Reloaded Rubber Balls

159. Mission Implausible

160. My Little Throwers

5. Balls to the Wall – Names for Hardcore Dodgeball Teams

200 Dodgeball Team Names That Are Sure to Hit the Mark!

For the hardcore dodgeball teams out there who live and breathe the sport, you’ll want a name that showcases your intensity, skill, and dedication. These names are not for the faint of heart – they’re for the teams ready to leave it all on the court.

161. Apocalypse Dodgers

162. Armageddon Ballers

163. Balls Out Brawl

164. Ballsagna

165. Ballsheviks

166. Ballistic Blitzkrieg

167. Ball Busters United

168. Born to Dodge

169. Code Red Alert

170. Death Dodgers

171. Disorderly Dodge Squad

172. Dodge Eat Dodge World

173. Dodgeball Daredevils

174. Dodgeball Desperados

175. Dodgnarok

176. Facewreckers

177. Full Metal Dodgeball

178. Fury Road Dodgers

179. Hardcore Hurlers

180. In Dodge We Trust

181. Jurassic Dodge

182. Last Dodge Standing

183. Look Ma, No Hands!

184. Mad Max: Fury Dodge

185. Maximum Overballs

186. No Guts, No Glory

187. Nuclear Dodgers

188. Pain Train

189. Project Mayhem

190. Reign of Terror

191. Relentless Attack

192. Rubber Ricochet

193. Rubber Riot

194. Savage Siege

195. Shock & Awe

196. Suicide Squad

197. The Eliminators

198. The Feared Rubber Squad

199. The Untouchaballs

200. The Wrecking Balls

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dodgeball Team Name

Now that you’ve seen a plethora of potential names, it’s time to pick the one that will lead your team to greatness. Consider these factors when making your decision:

  1. Get everyone involved. The best names often come from a team brainstorming session where all ideas are welcome.
  2. Consider your team’s personality. Are you fierce competitors, fun-loving jokesters, or a mix of both? Your name should reflect your team’s unique spirit.
  3. Keep it appropriate. While it’s great to be clever and push boundaries, avoid names that are offensive, vulgar, or insulting. Remember, you want to build a positive team culture!
  4. Think about longevity. Will your name still be relevant and funny in a few years, or is it based on a fleeting trend? Aim for a timeless classic.
  5. Say it out loud. Make sure your name is easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. You want your fans to be able to cheer for you without a second thought.

Once you’ve settled on a winner, it’s time to make your name an integral part of your team’s identity. Here are some ideas:

  • Incorporate your name into custom uniforms, hats, and gear. Nothing builds team spirit like coordinated swag!
  • Create a team chant or cheer that includes your name. Rally the troops and intimidate the competition with a catchy battle cry.
  • Design a logo or mascot that represents your name. Slap it on everything from jerseys to bumper stickers.
  • Use your name as a hashtag on social media. Build your team’s online presence and share your dodgeball adventures with the world.

Remember, your dodgeball team name is just one part of what makes your squad special. It’s the heart, the hustle, and the camaraderie you bring to the court that will make you legends.

Alright, dodgeballers – it’s time to take your newly christened team and conquer the dodgeball world! We hope this guide has given you all the inspiration and advice you need to choose a name that perfectly captures your squad’s spirit and style.

But don’t think the fun stops here – we want to hear from YOU! What’s the most hilarious, clever, or intimidating dodgeball team name you’ve ever encountered? Have any epic dodgeball tales or tips to share with your fellow ballers? Leave a comment below and keep the dodgeball love fest rolling!

In the meantime, get out there and start hurling those rubber projectiles like your life depends on it. And always remember the immortal words of the legendary Patches O’Houlihan: “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!”

Happy dodging, you magnificent maniacs!

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