300+ Hilarious Band Names That'll Get Your Gig Booked (Maybe)

300+ Funny Band Names That’ll Get Your Gig Booked (Maybe)

Attention all musicians, rockers, and rollers! Are you tired of generic, forgettable band names that blend into the background like a bassist in a fog machine? Do you want your group’s moniker to elicit laughter, intrigue, and maybe even a few raised eyebrows? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to drop the mic on the ultimate list of funny band names!

A hilarious band name is like a secret weapon in your musical arsenal. It grabs the audience’s attention, sets you apart from the crowd, and shows that you don’t take yourselves too seriously. Plus, it’s a great way to break the ice with potential fans and make a lasting impression before you even play a single note.

We’ve scoured the internet, dived deep into our record collections, and channeled our inner comedy rock gods to bring you over 300 of the most side-splitting, pun-derful, and downright hilarious band names known to humankind.

From clever plays on musical terms to witty pop culture references, we’ve got something for every genre, style, and sense of humor. And if you’re still feeling a bit off-key in the naming department, we’ve even thrown in some tips and tricks to help you craft your own uproarious band identity.

So, what are you waiting for? Tune up your funny bone, put on your riffing cap, and let’s explore the wild, wacky, and wonderful world of funny band names!

1. Pun-tastic Melodies – Musical Terms and Instruments

Funny band names

Get ready to giggle like a giddy groupie because these band names are all about the music puns. From instruments to musical terms, these clever names will show that you’re not just skilled musicians but also masters of wordplay.

1. Accordion to Jim

2. Airborne Sax Offenders

3. Alt F4

4. Audio Collision

5. Axe Wounded

6. Bach That Thang Up

7. Bach to the Future

8. Baroque and Roll

9. Bass Ventura

10. Beastie Boylers

11. Beethoven’s 2nd

12. Between Rock and a Hard Place

13. Blistered Fingers

14. Cello from the Other Side

15. Cello Goodbye

16. Clef Hangers

17. Cymbal of Hatred

18. Determi-nation

19. Dill Harmonic

20. Dire Strats

21. Djent Eel Deftones

22. Drumline Bling

23. Drumsticks n Stones

24. Electro-cute

25. Fiddler on the Roof Rack

26. Figaro Figaro FIGAROOOO

27. Flute Fighters

28. Flutilation Station

29. Fork in the Symphony

30. Forty Shades of Sax

31. French Horn Rebellion

32. Funk and Wagnalls

33. Grateful Deadmau5

34. Grunge Ate My Baby

35. Guns N’ Trombones

36. Habeas Chorus

37. Harpsichord Hero

38. Hella Acapella

39. Hydrogen Jukebox

40. Iggy Popped Collar

41. Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prints

42. Kazoo Can Do It!

43. Led Zeppelins in My Ears

44. Mandolin Monroe

45. Neon Trees of Life

46. Oboe Wan Kenobi

47. Panic! At the Bassco

48. Quaver Quest

49. Rap Trap

50. Reggae-ton John

51. Samba de Janeiro

52. Tambourine Typhoon

53. Ukulele Underdogs

54. Viola-lence Is Never the Answer

55. Wagner’s Wingmen

56. Xylophone Xplosion

57. Yodeling Yaks

58. Zither Zone

2. Chart-Topping Chuckles – Song Titles and Lyrics

Hilarious band names

These funny band names riff on popular song titles, lyrics, and music industry tropes, creating a humorous mashup that’s sure to make your audience sing along with laughter.

41. Ace of Bass

42. Agnus Dominos

43. Alice in Airwaves

44. All Saints Day Before

45. Annie Boxtops

46. Average New Band

47. Banana Republic Street Preachers

48. Blink 1847

49. Bono! Not the Face!

50. Cheap Rick

51. Chris de Burgh King

52. Crouching Reverb, Hidden Bass Drop

53. Cypress Shill

54. Daft Skunk

55. Danger! At The Disco

56. Def Yeti

57. Dial F For Fugazi

58. Earth, Wind, and Carrot Top

59. Edward Spaghetti Hands

60. Elton John Mayer

61. Elvis Costco

62. Emo Kylie

63. Foo Farters

64. Franz Fermented

65. George Thorogood Charlotte

66. Goo Gaaa

67. Good Charlotte Web

68. Gorillas by Design

69. Gorillawear

70. Guns N’ Noses

71. Gwar Huh

72. Hall and Oat Milk

73. Hamazon Prime

74. Hanson Scatfunkle

75. Huey Lewis and the Newts

76. Ike and Tina Turnbull

77. Imagine Drag Queens

78. Incubust a Move

79. Jimmy Buffettwear

80. Johnny Rotten Tomatoes

81. Karma Police Academy

82. Limp Biscuit

83. Meatallica

84. Ned Zeppelin

85. Oasis Vantage Point

86. Panic! At The Costco

87. Queen Latifah’s Gambit

88. Radiohead Cheese

89. Spice Girls Gone Wild

90. The Backstreet Boysenberries

91. The Beach Ball Boys

92. The Beagles

93. The Counting Sheep Crows

94. The Cure for Insomnia

95. The Grateful Undead

96. The Jimi Hendrix Laundry Experience

97. The Notorious P.I.G.

98. The Pink Freud

99. The Polka Police

100. The Red Hot Chili Proposal

101. The Rolling Scones

102. The Sex Pistachios

103. The Smashing Pumpkin Spice Lattes

104. The Techno Viking Invasion

105. The Velvet Fog

106. The White Stripes and Polka Dots

107. The Who Cares

108. U Kink

109. Village People Magazine

110. Weezer’s Palace

111. Wham, Bam, Thank You Spam

112. Xylophone Xplosion: The Musical

113. Yoko Oh No You Didn’t

114. ZZ Crop Top

3. Offbeat Opuses – Quirky Humor and Absurd Wordplay

Ridiculous band names

Sometimes, the best funny band names are the ones that lean into the absurd, surreal, and downright silly. These names will showcase your band’s quirky sense of humor and leave your audience equal parts amused and bemused.

115. Acapulco Rice

116. Agatha Crispies

117. Asparagus Apocalypse

118. Avocado Machete Massacre

119. Babushka Bombers

120. Bacon Brick Road

121. Bagpipes & Unicycles

122. Baked Alaska Pipeline

123. Banjo Hero

124. Barbecued Barnacles

125. Bebop Kaboom

126. Big Foot’s Foot Fetish

127. Biscuit Blizzard

128. Blender Bender

129. Broccoli Bullies

130. Butter Side Down

131. Cabbage Hats

132. Caffeine & Gasoline

133. Carrot Calamity

134. Cheese Whisperers

135. Chili con Carnival

136. Chin Whisker Discotheque

137. Choco-lot to Handle

138. Clam Bake Earthquake

139. Cocoa Karaoke

140. Cookie Cutter Conundrum

141. Corn Hole Triage

142. Cotton Candy Massacre

143. Couch Potato Picante

144. Crab Apple Apocalypso

145. Cranky Fiddler Coddlers

146. Cucumber Boogaloo

147. Diced Carrots Delight

148. Disco Infirmo

149. Duct Tape Dukes

150. Egg Salad Escalade

151. Electric Onion Jam

152. Enchilada Armada

153. Feng Shui Sugar Pie

154. Flan Solo

155. Gazpacho Gestapo

156. Gherkin Jerkin’

157. Guacamole Gondola

158. Hamster Wheel Heist

159. Hummus Among Us

160. Igloo Impresarios

161. Jalapeño Jive

162. Kale and Hearty

163. Lampshade Lemonade

164. Marshmallow Militia

165. Nectarine Nunchucks

166. Olive Oyl Spill

167. Papaya Palookas

168. Quiche Quagmire

169. Ramen Rhapsody

170. Sauerkraut Soirée

171. Taco Tuxedo

172. Ukulele Undertakers

173. Velcro Vixens

174. Wasabi Waltz

175. Xylophone Extravaganza

176. Yam Yodelers

177. Zucchini Zeppelin

4. Pop Culture Punchlines – Movies, Memes, and More

Unique band names

Inject some pop culture hilarity into your band name by drawing inspiration from movies, TV shows, memes, and other comedic touchstones. These names will show that your band is up on the latest trends and ready to rock the internet age.

178. Ace Ventura Pet Detectors

179. All Kale Caesar

180. Angry Beet Salad

181. Apoca-Lips Now!

182. Avocado Kedavra

183. Banjo Kazooie & the Daft Goose Crew

184. Barney & Fiends

185. Basic Elk

186. Bathmat & Beyond

187. Bill & Ted’s Eggselent Adventure

188. Billie Eyelash

189. Blink Juan Ate Tea Too

190. Boys To Mentos

191. Call of Fruity

192. Cereal Killer Whales

193. Chaka Con Queso

194. Chewbacca Flocka Flame

195. Clueless Caprese

196. Coral Colander Collective

197. Count Spatula

198. Crouton Crusaders Anonymous

199. Dancing With Starz

200. DaZa Doo Rags

201. Deli Lama Ding Dong

202. Dirt Cake Orchestra

203. DJ Salad Spinner

204. Donut Disrespecter

205. Dr. Spuds Lonely Hearts Club Band

206. Driving Miss Daisy Dukes

207. Empanada Expressionists

208. Eternal Flame Boyardee

209. Falafel Fighters

210. Fifty Cent Corn Dogs

211. Finding Emo

212. Fjord Explorer

213. Flash Gordon Ramsey

214. Fleetwood Mac N Cheese

215. Flock Of Sea Gulls

216. Full Mousse Alchemist

217. Gnocchi Horror Picture Show

218. Guac’s Lantern

219. Humpty Dumpling

220. Indiana Scones and the Temple of Spoons

221. Jalapeño Business

222. Kale Mary

223. Lasagna Del Rey

224. Meme Girls

225. Nacho Libre Riders

226. Obi-Wan Cannoli

227. Panic! At the Pita

228. Quentin Tarantinoodles

229. Reservoir Hogs

230. Schindler’s Bucket List

231. SpongeBob SquarePants on Fire

232. Taco Belle and Sebastian

233. The Breakfast Club Sandwich

234. The Codfather

235. The Grapeful Dead

236. The Great British Bake-Off with Their Heads

237. The Hunger Games of Thrones

238. The Lion King of Pop

239. The Lord of the Onion Rings

240. Uptown Funk You Up

241. Vampire Wheat-end

242. Waka Flocka Flambe

243. X-treme Measures Pie Crust

244. Yogurt Yorick

245. Zoolander’s Gasoline Fight Club

5. Genre-Bending Guffaws – Musical Styles and Stereotypes

Finally, let’s explore some funny band names that play with different musical genres, styles, and stereotypes. These names will poke fun at the quirks and clichés of various musical subcultures, creating a humorous mashup that’s sure to get a laugh from fans and fellow musicians alike.

246. 2 Skint Crew

247. Abba-cadaver

248. Bagpipers & Ballerinas

249. Barenaked Leiderhosen

250. Beastie Boyardees

251. Bjork Chop

252. Black Metal Health

253. Bucket of Fried Funk

254. Cabbage Patch Thrash

255. Celtic Frog

256. Cher-Noble & the Gas Station Burritos

257. Choppin’ Broccoli

258. Country Fried Ska

259. Crosby, Stills & Mashed Potatoes

260. Death Cab for Cutlery

261. Death Metal Knitting Circle

262. Deep Blue Cheese

263. Dimmu Burger

264. Disco Brisket

265. Dreadlocked Dresdens

266. Dropkick Mojitos

267. Drum Major Lazer

268. Duran Duran Duran

269. Enya Face

270. Flatt & Scruggs Life

271. Fleetwood Macchiato

272. Foie Gras Gras

273. Funk You Very Much

274. Gangsta Grass

275. Goo Goo Gibbons

276. Goran Bregovic and the Weddings and Funerals Band

277. Grateful Undead

278. Heimlich County

279. Hootie & the Blowfish Sandwiches

280. John Cougar Melonhead

281. Joy Division Bell

282. Kraftwerk Orange

283. Leonard Skynard

284. Linkin Parka

285. Mariachi Jackson

286. Megadeath by Chocolate

287. Mumblin’ Stew

288. Nacho Libre Quartet

289. New Hors d’Oeuvres

290. Oprah GoneFree

291. Panic! At the Costco

292. Pasta Sauce Tropicale

293. Question Marque et the Mysterians

294. Rage Against the Washing Machine

295. Ravi Shankar Redemption

296. Red Hot Chili Preppers

297. Rockabilly Joel

298. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Sandwich

299. Ska-Vengers Assembly

300. Smashing Pumpkin Pie

301. Souper Tramp

302. Taco Yammer

303. The Artist Formerly Known as Quince

304. The Beatless

305. The Clash Diet

306. The Flaming Lips Service

307. The Meatles

308. The Oasis Brothers

309. The Pretenders Chicken

310. The Roots Radical

311. The Whodobes

312. Uncle Kracker Barrel

313. Vegetarian Meatloaf

314. Veruca Assault

315. Wu-Tang Clambake

316. Yoko Uh-Oh

317. Zamfir and the Zombies

Tips for Crafting Your Own Funny Band Name

Now that you’ve seen a symphonic smorgasbord of funny band names, it’s time to come up with your own comedic moniker that perfectly captures your group’s style and sense of humor. Here are a few tips to get your creative juices flowing:

  1. Start with a brainstorming session. Get all your bandmates together and throw out as many pun-tastic ideas as possible. The more, the merrier – you can always narrow them down later.
  2. Look for inspiration in your favorite songs, movies, TV shows, and memes. What pop culture references make you laugh? How can you put a musical spin on them?
  3. Play around with musical terms, instruments, and genres. Can you combine a clever pun or humorous mashup with unexpected words or phrases?
  4. Embrace the absurd. Sometimes the silliest, most surreal names are the ones that stick in people’s minds the most. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird!
  5. Consider your band’s image and target audience. While it’s great to be edgy and push boundaries, make sure your name isn’t so offensive or obscure that it alienates potential fans. Say it out loud and imagine it on an album cover or festival poster. Does it roll off the tongue? Does it look good in print? Will it fit on a t-shirt or sticker?
  6. Get feedback from friends, family, and fellow musicians. Sometimes an outside perspective can help you refine your ideas or come up with even better ones.

Remember, choosing a funny band name should be a fun, collaborative process. Don’t take yourself too seriously – after all, that’s the whole point! And if you need to change your name down the line, that’s okay too. Some of the most iconic bands in history have gone through a few monikers before finding the perfect fit.

The Punch Line

Phew, what a wild ride through the world of funny band names! We’ve explored musical puns, pop culture references, absurdist humor, and genre-bending guffaws – all in the name of helping you find the perfect comedic moniker for your group.

Now it’s your turn – share your favorite funny band names in the comments below! Whether they’re real, imagined, or somewhere in between, we want to hear the names that make you chuckle, guffaw, and snort-laugh uncontrollably. Who knows? Your silly suggestion might just inspire the next great comedy rock sensation.

Until next time, keep on punning, keep on rocking, and always remember – laughter is the best backing track. 😄🎸🎤

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