The Best Student Group Names for Every Grade Level

250+ Best Student Group Names for Every Grade Level

Listen up, students! We all know that the key to making your school experience unforgettable isn’t just about acing your exams or scoring the winning goal – it’s about finding your tribe and making a name for yourselves (literally!). And what better way to do that than with an absolutely epic group name?

Your group name is more than just a few words on a poster or a t-shirt. It’s a rallying cry, an inside joke, and a way to show the world what makes your squad unique. A standout name can bring your group together, help you make a splash at school events, and ensure everyone remembers you long after the last bell rings.

But coming up with the perfect group name can be tougher than a pop quiz on a Monday morning. That’s where this ultimate guide comes in! We’ve scoured the halls of schools across the land to bring you over 200 of the most clever, hilarious, and unforgettable student group names out there, organized by grade level and theme.

So whether you’re a bunch of brainy bookworms, a crew of class clowns, or a team of all-star athletes, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to find the name that perfectly captures your group’s personality and goals – and maybe even earn some extra credit for creativity along the way!

Elementary School: Pint-Sized Puns and Playful Names

Elementary school team names

First up, let’s take a look at some names that are perfect for the littlest learners out there. These names are all about embracing the fun, silly side of school and celebrating the joys of friendship and teamwork. 

Academic Achievers

1. Bookworm Buddies

2. Brainy Bunch

3. Clever Clovers

4. Curious Cubs

5. Discovery Detectives 

6. Fact Finders

7. Imagination Explorers

8. Junior Geniuses

9. Little Einsteins

10. Mini Masterminds

11. Pint-Sized Prodigies  

12. Quiz Whiz Kids

13. Reading Rockstars

14. Schoolhouse Smarties

15. Spelling Superstars

16. Study Buddies (a similar one can be found on our list of best trio names)

17. Teacher’s Pets (in a good way!)

18. The A+ Team

19. The Little Know-It-Alls  

20. The Wise Owls

Creative Crews

21. Alphabet Artists

22. Art Attack

23. Brushstrokes & Brainwaves   

24. Colorful Compadres

25. Crayon Crusaders 

26. Doodle Dudes & Dudettes

27. Dream Weavers

28. Finger Painting Friends

29. Glitter & Glue Gang

30. Imagination Station

31. Macaroni Masterpieces  

32. Marker Musketeers

33. Paint Pals

34. Paper Crafters

35. Pipe Cleaner Posse  

36. Play-Doh Picassos

37. Rainbow Writers

38. Scrapbook Squad 

39. Sticker Studio

40. Storytelling Stars

Recess Royalty

41. Bench Warmers 

42. Blacktop Ballers

43. Dodgeball Dynamos  

44. Foursquare Phenoms

45. Freeze Tag Fanatics

46. Hopscotch Heroes

47. Hot Lava Leapers  

48. Hula Hoop Squadron

49. Jump Rope Jammers

50. Kickball Kings & Queens  

51. Monkey Bar Maniacs

52. Playground Posse (a similar one can be found on our list of soccer team names)

53. Red Rover Renegades

54. Recess Rebels

55. Slide Rulers

56. Swing Set Sweethearts

57. Tag, You’re It!  

58. Tetherball Titans

59. The Jungle Gym Crew

60. The Sandcastle Builders

These names are all about celebrating the carefree, imaginative spirit of elementary school. They’re perfect for groups that love to learn, create, and play together and aren’t afraid to get a little silly in the process. Just remember to use inside voices when sharing your awesome new name with the class!

Middle School: Witty Word Play and Cool-Kid Vibes

Middle school team names

Ah, middle school – that magical time when you’re not quite a kid anymore, but not quite a teenager either. It’s a time of big changes, big dreams, and even bigger opportunities to make a name for yourself (and your squad). Here are some names that perfectly capture that middle school mix of wit, attitude, and can-do spirit. 

Pun-Tastic Groups

61. The Algaebra Monsters

62. The Atom Splitters  

63. Back to the Futile

64. Band of Bunsen Burners

65. The Book Binding Force

66. The Boxcar Brainwaves

67. Breach of Conduct 

68. The Chamber of Secrets

69. The Cliff Hangers

70. The Codex Crackers

71. Dewey Decimators 

72. Dungeon Masters of Disaster

73. The Fact Finders

74. The Feudal Feuders

75. The Fibonacci Fanatics

76. Fiction Addiction 

77. The Food Chain Gang

78. The Game of Clones

79. Good Grief Relief

80. The Goofy Goobers

81. The Gossipy Girls

82. The Grammar Gestapo

83. The Graph Paper Pushers

84. Gumshoe Gurus

85. The Guts and Gory

86. The History Hounds

87. Homo Sapiens Wannabes

88. The Hyperbole and a Half-Wits  

89. The Infiniteam

90. The Inkredibles

91. The Invisible Band  

92. Irony of Man

93. The Jurassic Larks

94. The Knerd Guild

95. The League of Extraordinary Genitals

96. The Locker Stalkers

97. The Lunchroom Rap Battles  

98. Math Maniacs 

99. The Midnight Mooners

100. Motley School

Pop Culture Powerhouses

101. Breaking Grad

102. Crazy Rich Asians

103. The Dark Knights of Knowledge  

104. The Dumbledorks (a similar one can be found on our list of trivia team names)

105. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Brain

106. Game of Groans

107. The Godfather: Part IV Honors

108. The Goonies Never Say Pie 

109. Guardians of the Grade Point Galaxy

110. The Homework Games   

111. The Incredible Sulk

112. The Iron Giants of Science

113. The Justice League of Extra Credit

114. Keeping Up with the Klassmates 

115. Lilo & Ditch 

116. The Lord of the Rings & Things  

117. Mean Teachers 

118. The Mighty Geeks  

119. Monsters Ink.

120. Napoleon Study-mite 

121. The Order of the Pen-ix  

122. Percy Slackson

123. Procrastinators of the Caribbean

124. The Quizlamic State  

125. Rebel Without a Curfew

126. Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Peril

127. The Schoolhouse Rockers

128. The Social Network-ers  

129. The Spongebob Study Pants

130. Stranger Things Have Happened

131. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutors  

132. To All the Boys I’ve Studied With Before

133. Transformers: Revenge of the Geeks

134. The Twilight Zoners  

135. The Walking Braindead  

136. The Winnie the Poo-Poo Heads

137. You’ve Got Homework

138. Zoolanders of the Galaxy  

These names are all about showing off your squad’s smarts, sass, and pop culture savvy. They’re perfect for groups that love to learn but also love to have a good laugh (even if it’s at their own expense). Just remember to keep the jokes PG – you don’t want to end up in detention for disorderly punnery!

High School: Clever Clubs and Too-Cool-for-School Teams

High school team names

High school is where you really start to find your people and your passions. Whether you’re a jock, a theater kid, a math whiz, or a little bit of everything, this is the time to let your true colors shine. Here are some names that capture the spirit of high school camaraderie and self-discovery.

Academically Awesome

139. The 4.0 Heroes

140. The 98th Percentiles  

141. AP All-Stars

142. The Cram Clan  

143. The Dean’s Listers   

144. The Equation Nation  

145. The Exam Slammers

146. The Extra Credits

147. The GPA Guardians

148. The Honor Roll Models

149. The IB Warriors

150. The Late Night Studiers  

151. The Merit Badges

152. The Nerd Herd  

153. The Overachievers Anonymous  

154. The Pi-oneers

155. The Quantum Leap-ers

156. The Scholarship Sharks

157. The Straight-A Studs

158. The Study Hall Stars

159. The Textbook Titans  

160. The Thesis Thespians

161. The Valedictorians 

Sporty Squads

162. The Bench Warmers 

163. The Bleacher Creatures 

164. The Bookie Monsters

165. The Championship Chasers   

166. The Dunk Tank 

167. The Fan Clan  

168. The Field Goal Fanatics

169. The Fitness Friends 

170. The Fourth Quarter Heroes

171. The Goal Diggers  

172. The Halftime Show Stoppers  

173. The Hoop Dreamers

174. The Huddle Hustlers  

175. The Jockstraps

176. The Locker Room Legends

177. The Penalty Box Pals

178. The Pep Rally Posse  

179. The Sideline Squad

180. The Touchdown Terrors  

181. The Whistle Blowers

Performing Arts Prodigies

182. The Audition Addicts

183. The Backstage Brigade   

184. The Broadway Bound  

185. The Callback Queens

186. The Curtain Call Crew  

187. The Drama Llamas

188. The Encore Enthusiasts

189. The Green Room Gang

190. The Improv Insomniacs  

191. The Jazz Hands Jamboree   

192. The Leading Players  

193. The Marquee Maniacs

194. The Method Misfits  

195. The Midsummer Night’s Dreamers

196. The Off-Book Brigade

197. The Orchestra Outlaws   

198. The Pitch Perfect Posse

199. The Prop Shop Pals  

200. The Stage Door Stalkers

201. The Understudy Alliance

These names capture the passion, dedication, and occasional drama (both on and off stage) that make high school such a memorable time. They’re perfect for groups that are all about pursuing their dreams, supporting each other through thick and thin, and maybe belting out a show tune or two along the way.

College & University: Where the Big Kids Play

University team names

Ah, college – the land of all-nighters, instant ramen, and lifelong friendships. This is where you really start to come into your own and find your tribe. Whether you’re bonding over a shared major, a favorite club or activity, or just a mutual love of procrastination, your college squad is the family you choose. Here are some names that perfectly capture that spirit of independence and camaraderie.

Major-ly Awesome Groups

202. The Anthropology Addicts

203. The Biology Buddies

204. The Business Bosses

205. The Chemical Bonds  

206. The Computer Science Scions  

207. The Criminal Justice Crew

208. The Economics Enthusiasts

209. The Education Explorers

210. The Engineering Elite  

211. The English Eminents

212. The Environmental Eco-Warrirors  

213. The History Heroes

214. The Journalism Juggernauts

215. The Linguistics Legends  

216. The Math Magicians

217. The Music Maestros

218. The Nursing Navigators

219. The Philosophy Fellows

220. The Physics Phenoms

221. The Political Science Pros

Club & Activity Aficionados

222. The A Cappella Alphas   

223. The Anime Admirers

224. The Art Society Savants

225. The Board Game Brethren

226. The Campus Crusaders

227. The Chess Club Champions

228. The Cosplay Connoisseurs  

229. The Culture Club  

230. The Dance Troupe Dream Team

231. The Debate Team Dynamos  

232. The Film Club Fanatics

233. The Foreign Language Lovers

234. The Frisbee Flingers

235. The Gardening Groupies

236. The Hiking Heroes

237. The Improv Idols  

238. The Model UN Maestros

239. The Poetry Society Prodigies

240. The Robotics Rockstars

241. The Role-Playing Guild

Clever Campus Cliques

242. The All-Nighter Knights  

243. The Book Club Bookworms

244. The Breakfast Club Sandwiches  

245. The Caffeine Fiends

246. The Campus Tour Guides  

247. The Dorm Room DJs

248. The Freshman Fifteen Fighters  

249. The Frisbee Golf Fanatics  

250. The Greek Life Gurus

251. The International House  

252. The Intramural Champs

253. The Laundry Room Loiterers  

254. The Midnight Marauders  

255. The Orientation Oracles

256. The Procrastination Pros

257. The Quad Pod  

258. The Ramen Noodle Nibblers

259. The Stress Relief Squad  

260. The Student Lounge Lizards

261. The Thirsty Thursday Crew  

These names capture the intellectual curiosity, diverse interests, and occasional absurdity that make the college experience so unique. They’re perfect for groups that are all about exploring new ideas, trying new things, and maybe pulling the occasional all-nighter (fueled by way too much coffee and ramen, of course).

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Student Group Name

Now that you’ve seen some of the best student group names out there, it’s time to choose the perfect one for your squad. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Consider your group’s shared interests, inside jokes, and goals. Your name should reflect what makes your group unique and what you hope to achieve together.

2. Keep it school-appropriate. While a clever innuendo might get a laugh from your friends, it might not go over so well with your teachers or principal. 

3. Make sure it’s easy to say and spell. You don’t want to spend half your time explaining how to pronounce or write your group’s name.

4. Get everyone’s input. The best group names are the ones that everyone helped create, and everyone is excited to be a part of.

5. Have fun with it! Remember, your student group is all about learning, growing, and making amazing memories together. Your name should reflect that sense of joy and camaraderie.

Incorporating Your Student Group Name into Your Squad Style

Once you’ve landed on the perfect name, it’s time to make it a part of your group’s identity! Here are some fun ideas for incorporating your group name into your squad’s signature style:

1. Design a group logo or mascot that represents your name and values. Use it on t-shirts, posters, and social media profiles.

2. Come up with a group chant or catchphrase that includes your name. Use it to pump yourselves up before a big project or event.

3. Create custom school supplies (like notebooks or pencils) featuring your group name. It’s a fun way to show your squad pride and stay organized at the same time.

4. Have a group photo shoot with props or poses that play off your name. It’s a great way to bond as a team and create lasting memories.

So there you have it – the ultimate guide to choosing an epic student group name that perfectly captures your squad’s unique awesomeness. Just remember, whether you’re the Algebra Avengers or the Periodic Table Posse, the most important thing is the bonds you form and the incredible memories you make together. 

So go forth and conquer the world, one cleverly named student group at a time! The hallways of history are waiting for you to make your mark.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Phew, that was quite the journey through the wonderful, wacky world of student group names! We hope you’ve found some inspiration, laughed out loud a few times, and maybe even had a lightbulb moment or two about what to call your own amazing squad.

But we know there are still plenty of incredible student group names out there just waiting to be discovered. After all, with so many brilliant young minds in the world, the possibilities are endless!

So now we want to hear from you! What’s the most epic student group name you’ve ever come across? What did your squad decide to call yourselves, and why? Do you have any hilarious stories or cautionary tales to share about the naming process? 

Now go forth and make your mark on the world, you brilliant bunch of world-changers. 

Your [Insert Mind-Blowingly Amazing Student Group Name Here] is destined for greatness, and we can’t wait to see all the incredible things you’ll accomplish together.

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