Best Volleyball Team Names

478 Best Volleyball Team Names: Spike Your Way to Victory

Volleyball is more than just a sport – it’s a passion that unites players of all ages and skill levels across the globe. From the sandy beaches of California to the bustling gyms of Tokyo, volleyball has a rich history and a vibrant culture.

At the heart of every great volleyball team is a sense of camaraderie, a shared love for the game, and of course, an unforgettable name. Your team name is your identity on the court – it’s how you introduce yourselves to opponents, rally your fans, and build your legend in the annals of volleyball history.

A clever, memorable team name can intimidate your rivals, inspire your teammates, and create a brand that will stick in people’s minds long after the last point has been scored. It reflects your team’s personality, values, and unique style of play.

But how do you choose a name that truly stands out? How do you capture the essence of your squad in just a few words?

Fear not, intrepid volleyballers – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ve compiled almost 500 of the best volleyball team names from every corner of the sport, organized into categories that will spike your creativity and help you dig up the perfect moniker.

Whether you’re a fierce competitor in search of a name that strikes fear into your opponents’ hearts or a fun-loving bunch looking for a silly pun to crack up your fans, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. We’ve got names for indoor and beach teams, youth and adult squads, and every level of play from rookies to pros.

So grab your kneepads, lace up your shoes, and let’s jump into the exciting world of volleyball team names!

1. Acing It – Names That Spike Volleyball Lingo

One surefire way to show your volleyball knowledge and passion is to choose a team name that incorporates the sport’s unique terminology and slang. From basic moves to advanced strategies, volleyball has a language all its own – and it’s ripe for clever wordplay.

Volleyball Plays & Positions

1. Ace in the Hole

2. All Set

3. Back Row Bandits

4. Block Party

5. Bump, Set, Spike!

6. Dig Deep

7. Dive & Dash

8. Float Serve Floozies

9. Hitters & Quitters

10. Jousting Jammers

11. Kill Shot Kings

12. Libero Liberators 

13. Line Drive Divas

14. Middle Blockers 

15. Off Speed Assassins

16. One Touch Wonders

17. Pancake Pals

18. Pipe Dream Team

19. Quick Set Crew

20. Roll Shot Rebels

21. Saving Grace

22. Scrappy Servers

23. Service Aces

24. Set Me Up

25. Setting Pretty

26. Sideout Squad

27. Six Pack Attack  

28. Slamming Setters

29. Tip Teasers

30. Transition Troopers

General Volleyball Terms

31. Alley Oops

32. Back Court Bruisers

33. Ball Busters

34. Banzai Bombers

35. Beach Bums

36. Down the Line

37. Get Served

38. Hands of Stone

39. Hot Hands

40. In Your Face

41. Let Serve Losers

42. Net Ninjas

43. Nothing But Net

44. Out of Bounds

45. Overhand It!

46. Point Pinchers

47. Rotation Routine

48. Spike & Shout

49. Take a Knee

50. Whack Attack

Using volleyball jargon in your team name not only shows off your technical skills, but also creates a sense of unity and identity among your players. After all, only true volleyball fans will get the references behind names like “Pancake Pals” or “Banzai Bombers”!

💡Naming Tip: Try combining volleyball terms with pop culture references or local landmarks to create a name that’s both sport-specific and personally meaningful to your team. For example, “Sideout Spartans” for a Michigan-based team, or “One Tree Kill” for fans of a certain teen drama.

2. Power Names That Dominate the Court

Volleyball may not be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean you can’t choose a team name that intimidates your opponents and exudes strength, speed, and confidence. Animal-inspired names are a popular choice for conveying power and ferocity on the court.

Fierce Fauna

51. Alley Cats

52. Arctic Foxes

53. Barracuda Bumpers

54. Bengal Tigers

55. Black Mambas

56. Charging Bulls

57. Cheetah Challengers

58. Cobra Commanders

59. Dire Wolves

60. Electric Eels

61. Falcons 

62. Forked Vipers

63. Great Whites 

64. Grizzly Spikers

65. Hammerhead Sharks

66. Howling Coyotes

67. Humpback Whales

68. Jaguar Jammers

69. Killer Bees

70. King Cobras

71. Leaping Lizards

72. Lion Pride

73. Mustangs

74. Peregrine Falcons

75. Piranha Posse

76. Pouncing Panthers

77. Ragin’ Rhinos

78. Raptors

79. Roaring Lions 

80. Screaming Eagles

81. Scorpion Strikers

82. Silverfin Sharks

83. Stinging Stingrays 

84. Tarantulas

85. Thunder Hawks  

86. Timber Wolves

87. Venom Vipers

88. Vultures

89. Wolverines

90. Yellow Jackets

Formidable Forces

91. Abolitionists

92. Atomic Blast 

93. Avalanche

94. Beach Blast

95. Black Widows

96. Blitzkrieg Blasters

97. Bomb Squad

98. Boom Brigade

99. Chain Reaction

100. Danger Zone

These powerful names convey a sense of strength, speed, and dominance that can give your team a psychological edge before the first serve. They’re perfect for teams that want to project an aura of invincibility and strike fear into the hearts of their opponents.

Real-World Example: One of the most successful men’s volleyball teams in recent history is Brazil’s Sada Cruzeiro, which has won the FIVB Club World Championship four times (2013, 2015, 2016, and 2021). The team’s name, “Cruzeiro,” means “cruise” in Portuguese, symbolizing its smooth and dominant style of play. Sada Cruzeiro’s success on the world stage has helped cement Brazil’s status as a global volleyball powerhouse.

3. Funny Names That Keep ‘Em Laughing

Volleyball is supposed to be fun, right? So why not choose a team name that reflects your playful personality and keeps your fans and opponents cracking up? Puns, pop culture references, and clever wordplay are all fair game here.

Volleyball Puns

101. Ace Holes

102. All About That Ace

103. Blockheads

104. Bumposaurus Rex

105. Can You Dig It?

106. Dirty Beaches

107. Floppy Discs

108. Gopher Gold

109. Gravity Kills

110. Hawaii Five-O

111. How I Set Your Mother

112. I’d Hit That

113. In Da Club

114. Iron Spike

115. It’s a Block Party

116. Junk in the Trunk

117. Let’s Get Served

118. Mind Your Manors

119. Net-Flix and Chill

120. No Puns Intended

121. One Hit Wonders

122. Override the Net

123. Pass Interference

124. Pass-Spikers 

125. Pom-Pom Patrol

126. Psycho Killers

127. Sideout Story

128. Sorry for Partying

129. Spiked Punch

130. Suns Out Guns Out

131. Tough Sets

132. Unprotected Sets

133. Wham! Block! Thank You Ma’am!

134. You Got Served

Pop Culture References

135. Aces of Cakes

136. Awkward Armadillos

137. Beach Blanket Bingo

138. Billy Block Thornton

139. Block & Roll

140. Court Jesters (a similar one can be found on our list of basketball team names)

141. Darth Spikers

142. Guns & Roses

143. Hello, Volley!

144. Hit the Road, Jack

145. I Spike Dead People

146. Jabba the Volley

147. Kool & the Gang Block

148. Ladies Who Bump  

149. Luke Skyvolleyball

150. Phantom of the Volley-pera

151. Pirates of the Court-ibbean

152. Polly Wants a Spiker

153. Resting Spike Face

154. School of Block

155. Set Stalkers

156. Spike Lee Joints

157. Spikeology

158. The Empire Sets Back

159. The Notorious D.I.G.

160. The Sandlot

161. The Spiker Games

162. Top Block

163. Vanilla Spiked

164. Wilson!

Using humor in your team name shows that you don’t take yourselves too seriously, even if you’re fierce competitors on the court. A funny name can also be a great ice-breaker with other teams and a way to get the crowd on your side. 

Quotable Example: “Our team name was ‘Your Ad Here.’ It was a great conversation starter and made people laugh when they saw it on our jerseys. Plus, we joked that we were always open to sponsorship deals!” – Mark, recreational beach volleyball player.

4. Locally Grown – Names That Rep Your Roots

Choosing a team name that represents your hometown, region, or home court is a great way to show some local pride and connect with your community. These names can be based on geography, landmarks, famous residents, or inside jokes that only true locals would understand.

Location, Location, Location

165. Alki Beach Bums (Seattle)

166. Bayou Spikers (Louisiana)

167. Beachside Bumpers (any coastal town)

168. Beacon Hill Bombers (Boston)

169. Bourbon Street Spikers (New Orleans)

170. Brooklyn Blockers (New York)

171. Cherry Blossom Smashers (Washington, DC)  

172. Chinatown Choppers (San Francisco)

173. Crossroads of the World (Times Square, NY)

174. Delco Destroyers (Delaware County, PA)

175. East Village Vipers (New York)

176. Fenway Fireballs (Boston)

177. French Quarter Fanatics (New Orleans)

178. Fremont Spikers (Seattle)

179. Greenville Grasshoppers (South Carolina)

180. Greenwich Village Spikers (New York) 

181. H-Town Hitters (Houston)

182. Haight-Ashbury Highflyers (San Francisco)

183. Hollywood Hitters (Los Angeles)

184. Jersey Shore Spikers (New Jersey)

185. K-Town Killers (Koreatown, Los Angeles)

186. Kensington Spikers (Philadelphia)  

187. Little Italy Spikesmen (New York)

188. Malibu Missiles (California)

189. Nantucket Netwinders (Massachusetts)

190. Napa Valley Vintage (California wine country)

191. North Shore Knock Outs (Oahu, Hawaii)  

192. Orange County Orangutans (California)

193. Point Loma Pointers (San Diego)

194. Queen City Spikers (Charlotte)

195. River North Rebels (Chicago)

196. Salt Lake Stunners (Utah)

197. San Antonio Spikers (Texas)

198. Savannah Slammers (Georgia)  

199. Sin City Slayers (Las Vegas)

200. South Beach Spikers (Miami)

201. South Philly Pounders (Philadelphia)

202. Space City Spikers (Houston)  

203. St. Louis Arch-enerals (Missouri)  

204. Sunset Spikers (Los Angeles)

205. The Alamo Assassins (San Antonio)

206. The Liberty Belles (Philadelphia)

207. Tribeca Tramplers (New York)

208. Venice Beach Volleyballers (California)

209. Waikiki Warriors (Honolulu)  

210. Wicker Park Spikers (Chicago)

When you rep your hometown in your team name, you’re not just playing for yourselves – you’re playing for your entire community. It’s a way to show your local roots and build a sense of regional identity.

💡Naming Tip: Look for opportunities to incorporate your team name into local events, fundraisers, or charity drives. Hosting a “Spike Out Hunger” food drive or a “Block Cancer” benefit tournament can be a great way to build goodwill and give back to your community.

5. All for One – Names That Celebrate Teamwork

Volleyball is the ultimate team sport – you simply can’t win without every player doing their part and working together. Choosing a name that emphasizes unity, cooperation, or shared goals is a powerful way to build team chemistry and remind yourselves that you’re all in this together.

Better Together

211. All Hands on Deck

212. Band of Brothers/Sisters

213. Birds of a Feather

214. Club United

215. Collective Force

216. Common Ground

217. Congregation

218. Dynamic Dozen (for a 12-person team)  

219. Fists of Fury

220. Fusion Force

221. Hands Up

222. Join Our Club

223. Just Add Teamwork

224. League of Extraordinary Spikers

225. Motley Crew

226. Partners in Crime

227. Peas in a Pod

228. Stronger Together

229. Sync or Swim

230. Team Trifecta (for a 3-person beach team)

231. The Avengers

232. The Breakfast Club

233. The Fantastic Four

234. The Fellowship

235. The Fist Bumps

236. The Hive Mind

237. The Entourage

238. The Magnificent Seven (for a 7-person team)

239. The Musketeers 

240. The Network

241. The Pack

242. The Power of We

243. The Sum of Our Parts

244. The Syndicate

245. The Big Three (for a 3-person beach team)  

246. The Triad

247. The Tribe 

248. The Troublesome Trio (for a 3-person beach team)  

249. The United Nations 

250. The Wolfpack

Names that celebrate teamwork can help foster a sense of belonging, boost morale, and keep everyone focused on the collective goal. They’re perfect for teams that pride themselves on their unshakeable bond and ability to work seamlessly together under pressure.

Real-World Example: The U.S. women’s national volleyball team, who won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, has a team motto: “23 Strong” – a reference to the 23 players who make up the full roster, even though only 12 compete in the Olympics. It’s a reminder that every player contributes to the team’s success, whether they’re on the court or cheering from the sidelines.

6. Age-Appropriate Appellations

Volleyball is a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed by players of all ages, from pint-sized beginners to seasoned veterans. Choosing a team name that suits your age group and skill level is a great way to set the right tone and expectations for your squad.

Youth Teams

251. Baby Bumpers

252. Diaper Diggers

253. Gummy Bears

254. Itty Bitty Spikers

255. Kiddie Court

256. Little Leapers

257. Mighty Mites

258. Mini Spikers

259. Munchkin Madness

260. Pee Wee Power

261. Pocket Aces

262. RugRats

263. Small But Mighty

264. Spike Tykes

265. Teddy Bears

266. The Anklebiters

267. The Fingerling Potatoes

268. The Half Pints

269. The Hoppers

270. The Jumping Beans

271. The Kindergarten Crew

272. The Little Rascals

273. The Mighty Munchkins

274. The Minis

275. The Pipsqueaks

276. The Rugrats

277. The Shorties

278. The Small Fries

279. The Tiny Titans

280. The Volleybugs

High School Teams

281. Aces High

282. After School Specials

283. Bleacher Creatures

284. Detention Spikers

285. Gym Class Heroes

286. Hall Monitors

287. Honor Roll Hitters

288. JV Jammers

289. Locker Room Legends

290. Pep Rally Posse

291. School Spirit Squad

292. Spike & Dike

293. Study Hall Slammers

294. Tater Tots

295. Teacher’s Pest

296. The A-Team

297. The Brat Pack

298. The Breakfast Club

299. The Cool Kids

300. The Debate Team

301. The Drama Club

302. The Glee Club

303. The Honor Society

304. The Middle Schoolers

305. The Prom Committee

306. The Quiz Bowl Team

307. The Scatterbrains

308. The Student Council

College Teams

309. Block Party Animals

310. Bump & Grinders

311. Court Jesters

312. Dorm Room Dominators

313. Final Exam Slammers

314. Fraternity Force

315. Freshmen 15

316. Greek Gods & Goddesses

317. Hangover Hitters

318. Intramural Idols  

319. Keg Stand Kings

320. Library Thumpers

321. Mascot Maulers

322. Phi Slamma Jamma

323. Quad Squad

324. Ramen Noodle Rockets

325. Rush Week Warriors

326. Senioritis Spikers

327. Spring Break Spikers

328. The Bro Code

329. The College Dropouts

330. The Dean’s List

331. The Frat Pack

332. The Keggers

333. The Night Owls

334. The Procrastinators

335. The Resident Advisors

336. The Study Abroad Squad

337. The Undecided Majors

338. The Walk of Shame

Adult & Recreational Teams

339. Aging Like Fine Wine

340. Balls to the Wall

341. Barflies

342. Carpool Crew

343. Cubicle Crawlers

344. Empty Nesters

345. Fossil Fuelers

346. Geriatric Gems

347. Grown Up Goonies

348. Midlife Spikers

349. Mom Bomb

350. Never Too Old

351. Nine to Fivers

352. Office Space Invaders

353. Old Block & Tackle

354. Old School Cool

355. Parents Without Partners

356. Passing the Bar…Exam

357. Spiking After Hours

358. Suits & Spikes

359. Sunday Bumpers

360. The Bald & The Beautiful

361. The Cocktail Crew

362. The Late Bloomers

363. The Motley Crew

364. The Old Spikers Club

365. The Parent Trap

366. The Second Stringers

367. The Social Security Spikers

368. The Volleytarians

369. The Washed Up Rockers

370. The Wise Guys

371. The Yacht Club

372. The Yuppies

Choosing an age-appropriate team name not only helps you connect with your peers but also sets the stage for the kind of experience you want to have on and off the court. Whether you’re in it to win it or just looking to have some fun with friends, your name should reflect your team’s unique vibe and goals.

7. Bumps in the Sand – Names for Beach Volleyball Teams

Beach volleyball has its own unique culture, rules, and playing style that set it apart from the indoor game. If you’re a sand-loving, sun-worshipping beach volleyball team, you’ll want a name that captures the laid-back, party atmosphere of the sport.

Life’s a Beach

373. 2 Bumps & a Spike

374. Aloha Amigos

375. Baywatch Babes

376. Beach Blanket Bingo

377. Beach Bums

378. Bikini Bottom Ballers

379. Boardwalk Empire

380. Castaway Crew

381. Coast-2-Coast

382. Coconut Castaways

383. Crabby Patties

384. Dune Dudes

385. Flip Flop Frenzy

386. Grillin’ & Chillin’

387. Hit Me Baby 1 More Time

388. Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny

389. King of the Beach

390. Life’s Short, Dig Hard

391. Livin’ on a Pair

392. Maverick Mermen

393. Mission Unblockable

394. Oceans 3

395. Palm Beach Posse

396. Piña Colada Pals

397. Point Pleasant Pounders

398. Sandcastle Crashers

399. Scenic Spikers

400. Serving in the Sun

401. Set for Life

402. Shelling Point

403. Shoots & Ladders

404. Shore Thing

405. Sons of Beaches

406. Sun & Games

407. Sun of a Beach

408. Sunblock Warriors

409. Sunny & Share

410. Sunshine State of Mind

411. The Big Kahunas

412. The Coast Guard

413. The Goonies

414. The Moondoggies

415. The Sandy Cheeks

416. The Sea Donkeys

417. The Surf Sharks

418. The Undertow

419. The Undertow

420. The Victorious Secret

421. The Waverunners

422. The Wilson Family

A great beach volleyball team name should evoke the sun, sand, and laid-back lifestyle of the sport. It’s all about having fun, soaking up the rays, and enjoying the company of your teammates in a beautiful natural setting. 

Fun Fact: The first beach volleyball game was played in 1915 on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. The game was invented by George David “Dad” Center, a member of the Outrigger Canoe Club, who hung a net on the beach and encouraged club members to play.

8. Strictly Business – Names That Mean Business

For some volleyball teams, the goal isn’t just to have fun – it’s to win and win big. If your squad is all about the W’s, you’ll want a name that projects an air of professionalism, intensity, and unwavering focus.

Corporate Crew

423. Accounts Spikable

424. Block Market

425. Block, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

426. Board Meeting

427. Bump, Set, Profit!

428. Business Block-sual

429. CEBros

430. Closed for Business

431. Corporate Raiders

432. Corporate Ladder Climbers

433. Critical Hitters

434. Downsizing & Outspiking

435. Entrepreneurs

436. Executive Hitters

437. High-Speed Internet Blockers

438. Intrapreneurial Spikers

439. Investment Bangers

440. Midas Touchers

441. Money Baller$

442. Net Gain

443. Networkers

444. Off-Shore Spikers

445. Off-the-Clock

446. Outside Hires

447. Power Tie Posse

448. Return on Inkvestment

449. Slammer Consultants

450. Smoking Break Spikers

451. Spike Market

452. Spreadsheet Superstars

453. Suited for Glory

454. Taking Care of Business

455. Team Building Exercise

456. The Board of Directors

457. The Briefcase Brigade

458. The Business Casual Crew

459. The Commuters

460. The Executioners

461. The Handshake

462. The Headhunters

463. The Human Resources Dept.

464. The Interns

465. The Marketing Mavens

466. The Power Lunchers

467. The Sales Force

468. The Spam Blockers

469. The Synergistics

470. The Tax Bracket Slammers

471. The Telemarketers

472. The Water Cooler Warriors

473. The Write-Offs

474. Uncle Sam’s Spikers

475. Watercooler Talk

476. White Collar Crimes

477. Work Hard, Play Hard

478. Working Overtime

A business-like team name sends a clear message to your opponents: you’re here to take care of business, and business is booming. These names are perfect for corporate leagues, after-work clubs, or any team that wants to bring a professional edge to the court.

Real-World Example: The “Served by the Bell” volleyball league in Los Angeles brings together employees from different companies for friendly competition and networking opportunities. Team names like “Let’s Get Fiscal,” “Commission: Impossible,” and “Always Be Closing” reflect the league’s corporate vibe.

Sealing the Deal with the Perfect Team Name

Whew, what a whirlwind tour of the wild and wonderful world of volleyball team names! We’ve covered every angle, from silly puns to serious power plays, from beach bum vibes to business-like precision.

But in the end, remember: the perfect team name is the one that feels right for you and your squad. It should capture your unique personality, shared goals, and how you want to be perceived by your opponents and fans.

So whether you go for a classic volleyball pun, a hometown shout-out, or a clever pop culture reference, make sure it’s a name that every player can get behind and wear with pride. Your team name is your identity – it’s how you’ll be remembered long after the last point has been scored.

Use the ideas in this article as a starting point, but don’t be afraid to get creative and put your own spin on things. Brainstorm with your teammates, bounce ideas off each other, and don’t settle until you’ve found a name that really spikes your interest (see what we did there?).

And once you’ve nailed down your perfect moniker, shout it from the rooftops (or at least from the top of the net). Put it on your jerseys, your team swag, your social media profiles. Make it your rallying cry and your secret handshake.

Because in the end, volleyball isn’t just about winning or losing – it’s about the bonds you form with your teammates, the memories you make on and off the court, and the love you share for this incredible sport. Your team name is just one small part of that larger story.

So get out there and make your mark on the volleyball world, one cleverly named team at a time. And always remember: Good Sets make Good Friends!

What’s Your Volleyball Team Name?

Now that you’re armed with almost 500 awesome volleyball team name ideas, we want to hear from you! What’s your team called, and how did you come up with the name? Share your stories (and your best volleyball puns) in the comments below.

And if you’re still searching for that perfect name, keep brainstorming, and don’t give up. The right name is out there waiting for you – sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper to find it.

Happy naming, happy spiking, and we’ll see you on the court!

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