Best Horse Names

Giddy Up! 500+ Best Horse Names to Make Your Steed Stand Out

Horses have been cherished companions, faithful workers, and majestic symbols of freedom for thousands of years. As a horse owner, you know that your equine friend is more than just an animal – they are a beloved member of your family with a unique personality and spirit.

One of the joys and responsibilities of welcoming a horse into your life is choosing the perfect name. A horse’s name is more than just a label – it’s an expression of their identity, a reflection of their heritage, and a testament to the special bond you share.

The right name can capture a horse’s essence, highlight their best qualities, and even shape how others perceive them. It can be a source of pride, a conversation starter, and a way to honor the rich history and traditions of the equestrian world.

But how do you find a name that feels like it was meant for your horse and will stand the test of time?

That’s where my guide comes in. We’ve compiled over 500 of the best horse names from every corner of the equine world, organized into categories that will spark your creativity and help you find the perfect fit.

Whether you’re looking for a name that celebrates your horse’s stunning colors, pays homage to their noble lineage, or captures their irresistible personality, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also included tips, facts, and insights to make the naming process fun, meaningful, and stress-free.

So grab a halter, put on your thinking cap, and let’s explore the wonderful world of horse names together!

1. Colors of the Rainbow – Names Inspired by Coat Colors and Patterns

One of the most visually striking things about horses is the incredible variety of coat colors and patterns they display. From the sleek black of a Friesian to the spotted magnificence of an Appaloosa, a horse’s coat is a work of art – and a great source of inspiration for names.

Names for Black Horses

1. Ebony

2. Midnight

3. Onyx

4. Obsidian

5. Raven

6. Shadow

7. Sirius (the brightest star in the night sky)

8. Sumi (Japanese for “black ink”)

9. Zorro

Names for White Horses

10. Avalanche

11. Blizzard

12. Cloud

13. Cotton

14. Frost

15. Ivory

16. Opal

17. Pearl

18. Snowflake

19. Sugar

20. Swan

21. Vanilla

Names for Gray Horses

22. Ash

23. Dapple

24. Dove

25. Ghost

26. Granite

27. Mercury

28. Misty

29. Pepper

30. Quicksilver

31. Rumor

32. Silver

33. Slate

34. Smoke

35. Sterling

36. Velvet

37. Whisper

Names for Chestnut Horses

38. Amber

39. Auburn

40. Autumn

41. Blaze

42. Bronze

43. Cinnamon

44. Copper

45. Ember

46. Flame

47. Ginger

48. Maple

49. Phoenix

50. Russet

51. Scarlet

52. Tawny

Names for Bay Horses

Bay horse

53. Biscuit

54. Brandy

55. Butterscotch

56. Caramel

57. Chestnut

58. Cocoa

59. Coffee

60. Hazel

61. Mocha

62. Nutmeg

63. Pecan

64. Penny

65. Rum

66. Toffee

67. Walnut

Names for Palomino Horses

68. Buttercup

69. Butterscotch

70. Daffodil

71. Daisy

72. Dandelion

73. Dusty

74. Golden

75. Honey

76. Marigold

77. Nugget

78. Peach

79. Sandy

80. Sunshine

81. Tequila

Names for Buckskin Horses

82. Biscuit

83. Buck

84. Buckaroo

85. Fawn

86. Fudge

87. Peanut

88. Sahara

89. Tumbleweed

Names for Dun Horses

90. Biscotti

91. Buff

92. Camel

93. Clay

94. Coyote

95. Dune

96. Ecru

97. Fawn

98. Khaki

99. Mojave

100. Pebble

101. Sandstone

102. Taupe

Names for Roan Horses

103. Calico

104. Confetti

105. Freckles

106. Heather

107. Marbled

108. Neapolitan

109. Oreo

110. Panda

111. Pepper

112. Rain

113. Sedona

114. Speckles

115. Sprinkles

Names for Appaloosa Horses

116. Bingo

117. Blossom

118. Cheerio

119. Checkers

120. Chocolate Chip

121. Confetti

122. Dalmatian

123. Dice

124. Domino

125. Dottie

126. Freckles

127. Paintball

128. Pongo

129. Puzzle

130. Spot

131. Sprinkles

Names for Pinto Horses

132. Bingo

133. Checkers

134. Dice

135. Domino

136. Harlequin

137. Jester

138. Koko

139. Marble

140. Oreo

141. Panda

142. Patchwork

143. Picasso

144. Puzzle

145. Skittles

146. Zigzag

Fun Fact: Did you know that a horse’s coat color can change over time? Some gray horses, for example, are born a solid color and gradually turn white as they age. This process is called “graying out.”

💡Naming Tip: When choosing a color-inspired name, consider your horse’s unique shade and pattern. A name like “Obsidian” might be perfect for a jet-black horse, while “Freckles” could suit a playful Appaloosa.

2. Born to Run – Names That Celebrate Lineage and Heritage

For many horse owners, a horse’s breed and lineage are a source of fascination and pride. Some of the most iconic horse names in history belong to famous racehorses, champion sires, and foundation mares who have shaped the course of equine history.

Whether you have a purebred with a storied pedigree or a humble grade horse with a heart of gold, choosing a name that honors your horse’s heritage can be a meaningful way to connect with their roots and the larger equine community.

Thoroughbred Names

147. Affirmed

148. Barbaro

149. Black Caviar

150. Bold Ruler

151. Cigar

152. Citation

153. Galileo

154. Justify

155. Man o’ War

156. Native Dancer

157. Nijinsky

158. Northern Dancer

159. Pharoah

160. Secretariat

161. Seabiscuit

162. Seattle Slew

163. Spectacular Bid

164. Swaps

165. Unbridled

166. War Admiral

167. Whirlaway

168. Winx

169. Zenyatta

Arabian Names

170. Abu

171. Aladdin

172. Ali Baba

173. Aziza

174. Badr

175. Dalia

176. Farid

177. Habibi

178. Jasmine

179. Khayal

180. Layla

181. Naseem

182. Rashid

183. Samir

184. Scheherazade

185. Sinbad

186. Suleiman

187. Zara

Quarter Horse Names

188. Ace

189. Blaze

190. Boots

191. Champ

192. Cody

193. Cowboy

194. Dusty

195. Flash

196. Harley

197. Maverick

198. Pistol

199. Ranger

200. Rocket

201. Sarge

202. Scout

203. Skeeter

204. Smokey

205. Tex

206. Trigger

207. Whiskey

Appaloosa Names

208. Apache

209. Cochise

210. Comanche

211. Dakota

212. Geronimo

213. Lakota

214. Navajo

215. Pocahontas

216. Sioux

217. Sitting Bull

218. Sundance

Friesian Names

219. Aether

220. Arjen

221. Douwe

222. Eelkje

223. Fedde

224. Feike

225. Hidde

226. Ieke

227. Jelle

228. Jouke

229. Maaike

230. Nynke

231. Reinder

232. Renske

233. Sjoerd

234. Sytske

235. Taeke

236. Wietske

237. Yfke

Clydesdale Names

238. Angus

239. Braveheart

240. Bruce

241. Duncan

242. Fergus

243. Hamish

244. Heather

245. Iona

246. Lachlan

247. Malcolm

248. Nessie

249. Robbie

250. Stirling

251. Wallace

💡Naming Tip: If you have a registered purebred, check with your breed registry for any name restrictions or guidelines. Some registries have specific rules around name length, uniqueness, or prohibited words.

3. Personality Plus – Names That Capture Your Horse’s Unique Traits

As any horse owner knows, no two horses are exactly alike. Each one has their own distinct personality, quirks, and habits that make them one-of-a-kind. Choosing a name that reflects your horse’s individual character is a great way to celebrate what makes them special.

Is your horse a gentle giant or a feisty firecracker? A curious explorer or a laid-back lounger? A born leader or a loyal sidekick? Whatever traits make your horse unique, there’s a name out there that perfectly captures their essence.

Names for Gentle Horses

252. Buddy

253. Casper

254. Cuddles

255. Dove

256. Dude

257. Gentle Ben

258. Harmony

259. Lamb

260. Marshmallow

261. Mellow

262. Nuzzles

263. Panda

264. Peaches

265. Pumpkin

266. Snuggles

267. Sweetpea

268. Teddy Bear

269. Velvet

270. Whisper

Names for Curious Horses

271. Alice (in Wonderland)

272. Buzz

273. Dora (the Explorer)

274. Galileo

275. Hawkeye

276. Indy (short for Indiana Jones)

277. Kipling

278. Maggie (short for Magellan)

279. Marco Polo

280. Pippi (Longstocking)

281. Radar

282. Rocket

283. Scamp

284. Sherlock

285. Snoopy

286. Tinker

Names for Mischievous Horses

287. Bandit

288. Chaos

289. Cookie

290. Dennis (the Menace)

291. Gizmo

292. Goose

293. Hijinks

294. Impulse

295. Joker

296. Loki (the Norse god of mischief)

297. Mayhem

298. Pickles

299. Pixie

300. Prankster

301. Rascal

302. Scamp

303. Shenanigans

304. Taz (short for Tasmanian Devil)

305. Tomfoolery

306. Trickster

Names for Bold Horses

307. Ace

308. Badger

309. Blaze

310. Boomer

311. Brutus

312. Buster

313. Champ

314. Chief

315. Daredevil

316. Dash

317. Diablo

318. Duke

319. Dynamite

320. Maverick

321. Rocky

322. Rowdy

323. Samson

324. Sarge

325. Titan

326. Zeus

Names for Playful Horses

327. Bouncer

328. Bubbles

329. Buttercup

330. Charm

331. Chopsticks

332. Dimples

333. Giggles

334. Jester

335. Jitterbug

336. Jubilee

337. Kizzy

338. Noodles

339. Peekaboo

340. Poppy

341. Scrabble

342. Skittles

343. Smiles

344. Squiggles

345. Squirt

346. Tizzy

347. Waffles

348. Wiggles

349. Ziggy

💡Naming Tip: Spend time observing your horse in different situations to get a sense of their personality. Do they march right up to new objects or hang back cautiously? Do they follow you around like a puppy or prefer to do their own thing? These insights can help you choose a name that fits like a well-worn saddle.

4. Legendary Inspiration – Names from Myth, Literature, and History

For centuries, horses have captured the human imagination and galloped through the pages of our most beloved stories. From the winged Pegasus of Greek mythology to the noble steeds of Arthurian legend, horses have been symbols of freedom, power, and untamed beauty.

Drawing inspiration from these timeless tales can infuse your horse’s name with a sense of grandeur and romance. A name plucked from the annals of literature or history can also be a great conversation starter and a way to share your passion for a particular story or figure.

Mythological Names

350. Apollo

351. Argo (Jason’s ship in Greek mythology)

352. Artemis

353. Athena

354. Aurora

355. Bellerophon (the rider of Pegasus)

356. Calypso

357. Centaur

358. Cerberus

359. Charon (the ferryman of the underworld)

360. Dryad

361. Eurus (the East Wind)

362. Helios

363. Hercules

364. Luna

365. Nyx (the goddess of the night)

366. Oberon (the fairy king)

367. Orpheus

368. Pegasus

369. Perseus

370. Phoenix

371. Puck (the mischievous sprite)

372. Siren

373. Thor

374. Unicorn

375. Zephyr (the West Wind)

Literary Names

376. Achilles (from Homer’s Iliad)

377. Aragorn (from The Lord of the Rings)

378. Artax (from The Neverending Story)

379. Aslan (from The Chronicles of Narnia)

380. Atreyu (from The Neverending Story)

381. Baggins (from The Hobbit)

382. Balthazar (one of the Three Musketeers)

383. Beowulf

384. Binky (Death’s horse in the Discworld series)

385. Bucephalus (Alexander the Great’s horse)

386. Bree (from The Horse and His Boy)

387. Bullseye (from Oliver Twist)

388. Calamity (Jane, from the Wild West)

389. d’Artagnan (from The Three Musketeers)

390. Donkey (from Shrek)

391. Gulliver (from Gulliver’s Travels)

392. Gwaihir (the Windlord in The Lord of the Rings)

393. Hwin (from The Horse and His Boy)

394. Ichabod (Crane, from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow)

395. Javert (from Les Misérables)

396. Leviathan (a biblical sea monster)

397. Merlin

398. Moby (Dick, from the novel by Herman Melville)

399. Nazgûl (from The Lord of the Rings)

400. Quasimodo (from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame)

401. Quixote (from Don Quixote)

402. Raskolnikov (from Crime and Punishment)

403. Rocinante (Don Quixote’s horse)

404. Sancho (Panza, Don Quixote’s sidekick)

405. Santiago (from The Old Man and the Sea)

406. Shadowfax (Gandalf’s horse in The Lord of the Rings)

407. Sherlock (Holmes, from the detective stories by Arthur Conan Doyle)

408. Smaug (the dragon from The Hobbit)

409. Tardis (from Doctor Who)

410. Toto (from The Wizard of Oz – a similar one can be found on our list of dog names)

411. Trigger (Roy Rogers’ horse)

412. Watson (Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick)

413. Zorro

Historical Names

414. Alexander (the Great, king of Macedonia)

415. Apollo (NASA’s lunar missions)

416. Aristotle

417. Attila (the Hun, fearsome ruler of the Hunnic Empire)

418. Boadicea (Celtic warrior queen)

419. Bonaparte (Napoleon, French military leader)

420. Brutus (one of Julius Caesar’s assassins)

421. Caesar (Julius, Roman general and statesman)

422. Charlemagne (King of the Franks)

423. Churchill (Winston, British Prime Minister)

424. Cleopatra (Queen of Egypt)

425. Columbus (Christopher, Italian explorer)

426. Confucius (Chinese philosopher)

427. Copernicus (Nicolaus, Polish astronomer)

428. Cortés (Hernán, Spanish conquistador)

429. Crusader

430. Custer (George Armstrong, U.S. cavalry commander)

431. Darwin (Charles, English naturalist)

432. DaVinci (Leonardo, Italian polymath)

433. Edison (Thomas, American inventor)

434. Einstein (Albert, German physicist)

435. Galileo (Italian astronomer)

436. Genghis (Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire)

437. Hercules (ancient Greek hero)

438. Hiawatha (Native American leader)

439. Lincoln (Abraham, U.S. President)

440. Magellan (Ferdinand, Portuguese explorer)

441. Mandela (Nelson, South African anti-apartheid revolutionary)

442. Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus, Austrian composer)

443. Newton (Isaac, English mathematician and physicist)

444. Odysseus (legendary Greek king of Ithaca)

445. Plato (ancient Greek philosopher)

446. Ponce (de Leon, Spanish explorer)

447. Revere (Paul, American patriot)

448. Roosevelt (Theodore, U.S. President)

449. Socrates (ancient Greek philosopher)

450. Spartacus (leader of a slave rebellion against the Roman Republic)

451. Tesla (Nikola, Serbian-American inventor)

452. Viking

453. Washington (George, first U.S. President)

Fun Fact: The Lone Ranger’s horse, Silver, was originally called “White Feller” in the early radio shows. The name was changed to Silver after the Lone Ranger’s trademark silver bullets.

💡Naming Tip: When choosing a mythical or historical name, consider your horse’s gender and appearance. A muscular, dark horse might suit a powerful name like “Hercules” or “Spartacus,” while a graceful white mare could pull off an ethereal name like “Luna” or “Pegasus.”

5. Lights, Camera, Equine! – Names from TV, Movies, and Celebrity

In the modern era, horses have continued to capture our hearts through their appearances on the big and small screen. From classic Westerns to animated adventures, horses have starred in some of our most beloved films and TV shows.

Naming your horse after a famous equine actor or a celebrity’s horse can be a fun way to show your love for a particular movie, character, or public figure. It can also be a great icebreaker at the barn or a way to bond with fellow fans.

Movie Horse Names

454. Angus (from Brave)

455. Black Beauty 

456. Cisco (from Dances with Wolves)

457. Donner (from Shrek)

458. Dude (from True Grit)

459. Fargo (from The Man from Snowy River)

460. Felix (from Hidalgo)

461. Flicka

462. Goliath (from Ladyhawke)

463. Hector (from Braveheart)

464. Hidalgo

465. Joey (from War Horse)

466. Khan (from Mulan)

467. Major (from Cinderella)

468. Maximus (from Tangled)

469. Merrylegs (from Black Beauty)

470. Mister Ed

471. Pilgrim (from The Horse Whisperer)

472. Popcorn (from Three Amigos)

473. Seabiscuit

474. Silver (from The Lone Ranger)

475. Spirit (from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron)

476. Tornado (from Zorro)

477. Trigger (from Roy Rogers movies)

TV Horse Names

478. Artax (from The Neverending Story)

479. Boxer (from Animal Farm)

480. Buttercup (from The Princess Bride)

481. Comet (from Full House)

482. Jakovasaur (from South Park) 

483. Karma (from Willow)

484. Lobo (from The Saddle Club)

485. Misty (of Chincoteague)

486. Pie (from National Velvet)

487. The Black (from The Black Stallion)

488. Thunder (from Flicka)

489. Wildfire (from Heartland)

Celebrity Horse Names

490. Archie (owned by Prince Harry)

491. Calypso (owned by Zara Phillips)

492. Chief (owned by Joe Biden)

493. Cloud (owned by Kate Winslet)

494. Crackerjack (owned by Queen Elizabeth II) 

495. Cruiser (owned by Robert Redford)

496. Dollar (owned by Wayne Newton)

497. Gitano (owned by Sylvester Stallone)

498. High Kingdom (owned by Zara Phillips)

499. Magic (owned by Mary-Kate Olsen)

500. Mister (owned by Patrick Swayze)

501. Poker Face (owned by Lady Gaga)

502. Rising Star (owned by Shania Twain)

Fun Fact: The horse who played Shadowfax in The Lord of the Rings movies was a Spanish Andalusian stallion named Domero. He was known for his gentle temperament and ability to perform complex stunts.

💡Naming Tip: If you name your horse after a famous equine actor, consider choosing a lesser-known character to avoid confusion with other horses. Instead of “Seabiscuit,” for example, you might go with “Pumpkin,” the name of one of Seabiscuit’s early rivals.

6. Power and Grace – Names That Evoke Equine Excellence

Horses have been revered throughout history for their strength, speed, beauty, and grace. A name that captures these noble qualities can be a powerful way to honor your horse’s unique gifts and inspire them to reach their full potential.

Whether you have a racehorse in training, a show horse preparing for competition, or a trail horse who navigates rough terrain with surefooted confidence, a name that speaks to your horse’s athleticism and spirit can be a source of pride and motivation.

Names That Evoke Speed

503. Blaze

504. Bolt

505. Breeze

506. Bullet

507. Comet

508. Dash

509. Flash

510. Hermes (the Greek god of speed)

511. Jet

512. Lightning

513. Mercury

514. Meteor

515. Quicksilver

516. Rocket

517. Sonic

518. Spark

519. Streak

520. Swift

521. Vortex

522. Whirlwind

523. Zephyr

Names That Evoke Strength

524. Ajax

525. Ares (the Greek god of war)

526. Atlas

527. Brutus

528. Colossus

529. Goliath

530. Hector

531. Hercules

532. Hulk

533. Ironclad

534. Kronos

535. Maximus

536. Odin (the Norse god of war)

537. Rambo

538. Samson

539. Spartacus

540. Surge

541. Thor

542. Titan

543. Trojan

544. Viking

545. Zeus

Names That Evoke Elegance

546. Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of beauty)

547. Apollo

548. Astaire (Fred, American dancer)

549. Baryshnikov (Mikhail, Russian ballet dancer)

550. Bellagio

551. Chopin (Frédéric, Polish composer)

552. Czarina

553. Degas (Edgar, French artist)

554. Dior (Christian, French fashion designer)

555. Duchess

556. Fonteyn (Margot, English ballerina)

557. Grace (Kelly, American actress)

558. Hermès (French luxury brand)

559. Jewel

560. Maestro

561. Michelangelo

562. Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus, Austrian composer)

563. Nureyev (Rudolf, Russian ballet dancer)

564. Pearl

565. Picasso (Pablo, Spanish artist)

566. Prince

567. Rembrandt (Dutch artist)

568. Royal

569. Satin

570. Silk

571. Swan

572. Valentino (Rudolph, Italian actor)

573. Van Gogh (Vincent, Dutch artist)

574. Velvet

575. Vivaldi (Antonio, Italian composer)

💡Naming Tip: Consider your horse’s discipline and personality when choosing a name that evokes a particular quality. A name like “Brutus” might suit a powerful draft horse, while “Czarina” could be perfect for an elegant dressage mare.

7. Cute and Quirky – Names for Lovable Equine Characters

Not every horse is destined for fame and glory – some are simply born to be our best friends and companions. A cute, quirky, or downright silly name can be the perfect fit for these lovable equine characters.

Cute Names

576. Bambi

577. Blossom

578. Bubbles

579. Buttercup

580. Cuddles

581. Daisy

582. Doodle

583. Ducky

584. Gizmo

585. Hugsy

586. Jellybean

587. Junebug

588. Kisses

589. Ladybug

590. Lollipop

591. Muffin

592. Nuzzles

593. Panda

594. Peanut

595. Pumpkin

596. Skittles

597. Snuggles

598. Socks

599. Sunshine

600. Sweetpea

601. Thumper

602. Tinkerbell

603. Twinkle

Silly Names

604. Alfalfa

605. Babycakes

606. Bacon

607. Bozo

608. Burrito

609. Coconut

610. Crackers

611. Donut

612. Freckles

613. Fruitcake

614. Giggles

615. Goofy

616. Goose

617. Hiccup

618. Hobo

619. Jellyroll

620. Kermit

621. Klutzy

622. Limburger

623. Meatball

624. Nacho

625. Noodle

626. Pickles

627. Pretzel

628. Sasquatch

629. Shlomo

630. Silly Billy

631. Slinky

632. Spaghetti

633. Taco

634. Tater Tot

635. Waffles

636. Wiggy

637. Worm

638. Yoda

639. Ziggy

Quirky Names

640. Abracadabra

641. Ambrosia

642. Betelgeuse

643. Calypso

644. Cosmo

645. Deja Vu

646. Diablo

647. Disco

648. Django

649. Eucalyptus

650. Fiasco

651. Flamingo

652. Geronimo

653. Houdini

654. Hula Hoop

655. Kaleidoscope

656. Kryptonite

657. Limbo

658. Merengue

659. Mojo

660. Ning Nang Nong

661. Papaya

662. Poltergeist

663. Quasimodo

664. Razzmatazz

665. Ripsnorter

666. Sarsaparilla

667. Sassafras

668. Shenanigan

669. Skedaddle

670. Spaghetti-O

671. Taffy

672. Timbuktu

673. Whatchamacallit

674. Whirligig

💡Naming Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative with made-up words or unexpected combinations. A name like “Spaghetti-O” or “Kaleidoscope” might raise a few eyebrows at first, but it will also make people smile and remember your horse.

The Final Furlong: Parting Thoughts on Naming Your Horse

Phew, that was quite a ride! We’ve galloped through over 500 of the best horse names from every corner of the equestrian world, from classic thoroughbred monikers to quirky pony puns.

But as we cross the finish line, remember that naming your horse is a deeply personal choice. It’s not about finding the most popular or trendy name – it’s about finding the one that feels right for you and your equine partner.

So take your time, have fun, and trust your instincts. Whether you choose a name that honors your horse’s lineage, captures their unique personality, or simply makes you smile every time you say it, the perfect name is out there waiting for you.

And who knows? Maybe one day, your horse’s name will inspire future generations of equestrians. After all, every legendary horse has to start somewhere – and it all begins with a name.

Happy trails, happy naming, and may the horse be with you!

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